Vaya TyffynKyds Lunch Boxes | BPA-Free, VacuTherm, Copper-Coated, Leakproof and 1 year Warranty .

Revolutionary Vacuum-Insulated Lunchbox. Introducing Vaya Tyffyn, a lunchbox designed to ensure that you enjoy your meal at its freshest. Made from food–grade stainless steel, Vaya Tyffyn uses vacuum insulation technology to keep your food the way you pack it, warm or cold.
At Work & On-The-Go Carry fresh and inviting home-cooked food on-the-go, to your workplace or just about anywhere with Vaya Tyffyn.

Vaya Tyffyn comes with Place-mat, an incredibly smart shoulder bag. Carry the Tyffyn in style and when it’s time to eat, unzip the Bag to become a full Place-mat! It has a layer of water resistant coating that makes it easy to wipe after any spills.